Exercício: Direct Speech x Indirect Speech (Reported Speech)

Lidiane Cota 10
Não consigo passar todas as frases do discurso direto para o indireto. Alguém pode me ajudar? As frases são as seguintes:
1- Bob said "don't forget to write your names on your book".
2- The teacher asked me,"what does the title of your story mean?"
3- Mother said to my brother, "why did you quit your job?"
4- I said to you, "what time did the sun rise yesterday?"
5- Jane said, "I can't help you because I am sweapping the floor now."
6- The secretary said, "I've sent our catalogue to you twice last month."
7- She said,"Dad was shaving when I arrived."
8- He said, "It's a shame they shoot birds in this area."
9- Nancy said, "I like the clothes you were wearing the day before yesterday."
10- He said, " Can you teach me how to use your computer?"
11- I said to the clerk,I wind my every day but it is always five minutes behind."
12- Mother said, "Who tore my beautiful curtain?"
13- Jack said, "Did you ride my horse this morning?"
14- Mary said,"Someone stole my ring from my drawer."
15 My sister said, "the shirt I bough last week shrank terribly."

Muito obrigada para quem puder me ajudar..
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Renato Baroli 1470 5 30
Vamos ver se dá certo assim:

1- Bob told us not to forget to write our names on our books.
2- The teacher asked me what the title of my story meant.
3- Mother asked my brother why he had quit his job.
4- I asked you what time the sun had risen the day before.
5- Jane told me she couldn't help me because she was sweapping the floor then.
6- The secretary told me she had sent their catalogue to me twice the month before.
7- She told me dad was shaving when I arrived.
8- He said It was a shame they shot birds in that area.
9- Nancy said she liked the clothes I was wearing the day before yesterday.
10- He asked me if I could teach him how to use my computer.
11- I said to the clerk that I wound my watch every day but it was always five minutes behind.
12- Mother asked who had torn her beautiful curtain.
13- Jack asked me if I had ridden his horse that morning.
14- Mary said someone had stolen her ring from her drawer.
15 My sister said the shirt she had bought the week before had shrunk terribly.

Acho que é isso.
Peço aos experts que corrijam quaisquer deslizes que eu possa ter feito. ;)

PPAULO 52960 6 42 955
Looks fine to me, I´ll leave possible corrections to others. If any, would be not much.

In 5-) Jane said, "I can't help you because I am sweapping the floor now.", "sweapping" caught my eye, it got me wondering if it didn´t mean "swapping".

I couldn´t give you the vote, because I spent my three-vote share for the day. :(

Renato Baroli 1470 5 30
Yes, I believe you're right, PPAULO!

Juliana Rios 19340 24 101 395
Acho que a intenção foi dizer "sweeping the floor".

PPAULO 52960 6 42 955
Indeed it could be both.

If swapping the floor it would like this:

http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-PhkANb3Q0yQ/U ... ooring.jpg

http://www.yourhomesflooring.com/2014/0 ... esign.html

If anything happens at the party like booze or dance you need not to e get worried about the cleaning, because this laminate flooring gives you the facility to clean all the dust and other materials by just swapping the floor. You can also use a wet cloth to clean your flooring very easily.


And sweeping would be like this:

http://i3.squidoocdn.com/resize/squidoo ... ulting.jpg

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