Is English the hardest language?

Is it really the hardest language?

English is pretty challenging. But it’s not the only contender for the World’s Most Difficult Language. Other notoriously tricky languages include Finnish, Russian, Japanese and Mandarin.

  • Mandarin’s tone system, for instance, is famously tricky (but when you look at the ‘Emphasis’ section above, you’ll see that English can be just as bad!).
  • Finnish is held to be difficult because of its numerous cases.
  • Arabic because, among other things, its script has four different variations for each letter depending on where in the word it sits.
  • Written Japanese differs from spoken Japanese, and there are three different writing systems – including 2,000 to 3,000 kanji characters that must be learned by heart.

It makes English sound easy in comparison!

Ref. Oxford
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Who said English is difficult? It´s not effortless, though!