Letra de Girlfriend - Lil Mama

gente na música girlfriend remix da avril lagine a lil mama canta! e nossa! ta fogo pra entender.. alguém poderia me ajudar?????????? valeu! :D
Don't get it twisted lil mama got her paper on
That means im a paper chaser I chase my paper on
And I know we chasin paper that you be chasin on
I just deliver the lyrics that people focus on
Get up in the booth and a chopped up song
Put it in a store and they go cops on
Everybody know that its no combo
Ya Betta lay low like popo
Aint Trina betta already know
I gos in like project so
So get it biggie mama b-r-double o-k-lyn drama
Please 8 bars on stop
All I knows sixteen to pop
Told ya yall betta act on top
Been doin this since hop mo pop
Ahh tell tha brotha can't stop
Problem is im cracked on rocks
Problem is they love mah mas
Style so I gotta go hard
der than I did before
her style is crossover
pee wee curlin lil mama
miss girlfriend is goin in
so when you see me in the drop top shades
in tha summa time blazin you wanna be my boyfriend.

You wave goodbye
Your girls a bird
You by my side
Make it work
You and her that sounds absurd
Me and you go betta ya heard?
Ya aint hear any dumb girls laugh in the back
that's cause I speak crack on tha track
I'ma keep it real boy
I'm trying to mack
Let me know if you down with that
Me and yo girlfriend we aint no tie
You betta s-c-i
I'm telling you like Jennifer Hudson
I got plastic elastic in the back
Of the jaguar sure cause that's whats poppin
Tiger purses bank is filled
Im mad cause this is nothing

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entra nesse site http://www.lyricstime.com/lil-mama-girl ... yrics.html

lah tem a tradução.... é só procurar no google.....
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