Listening ajuda na leitura?

Estou querendo aprender inglês para o vestibular, então tenho interesse e ler bem textos escritos em inglês. Vale a pena acrescentar o listening na minha rotina de estudos considerando que meu objetivo é o "domínio" da leitura? Agradeço desde já!

O professor das celebridades Daniel Bonatti ensina várias técnicas para você ter conversas melhores mesmo com conhecimentos básicos de inglês. Com as power questions você vai aprender a direcionar a conversa para onde quiser e com isso alcançar seus objetivos na comunicação. ACESSAR AULA
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O listening vai ser um plus. Mas já que o objetivo é o domínio da leitura, você precisa passar mais tempo lendo. Quanto mais você lê, mais você desenvolve a leitura.
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There are several skills in English learning. Sometimes you need a lot of reading, sometimes you don´t.
Listening would then be something close to spoken English, so I think it would not be the same thing all the time, they would just have some intersection in style between them. The student ought to train preferably both skills.
There are differences even in types of reading, reading to academical purposes, reading to talk in informal ways, for technical purposes, etc.
PPAULO 6 48 1.2k
In other words, we need all skills to a lesser or greater degree. How much? It depends on the student´s priorities and needs. As you mentioned the subject of entrance exams, then academical reading would take priority, then listening, and then everything related to English (preferably related to your field of study, preparatory books, etc).
But that doesn´t mean you can´t have fun by leaving some time to read some cartoon (I would suggest Dilbert as an instance). But not overdo if you are getting too close to the exam day. I suggest as an aside, to those that have some free (and leisure) time to spend - not the student that is cramming for a test and has started late and has "to study for yesterday". Anyway, further comments are welcome, my examination study times are way behind me, and I may be rusty!

Keep up the good work.