Marketplace x Markets: Qual a diferença

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Good morning my friends!

Alguém poderia dar uma sugestão para esclarecer qual a diferença entre "Marketplace X Markets" traduzindo para o português dentro do contexto abaixo:
Did you know one of Miele's dealers achieved a 70 percent growth in sales by using Esri Location Analytics? The premium manufacturer was able to focus on specific segments of the marketplace, pinpointing customers to help this dealer be more successful...

... Find out how you, too, can combine your business information with location analytics and better understand customers, analyze markets, and take advantage of profitable opportunities that aren't always evident.
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Desde já agradeço pela ajuda.

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Except for the use of singular and plural, I don't really see much difference in the uses. The use of "marketplace" in this instance perhaps helps give a concreteness to the idea of the "segments" as distinct "spaces". But you could have used "market" with the same practical effect.

We do something similar in Portuguese with "praça":

chegou à praça = arrived in the marketplace
tem lugar na praça = there's room in the marketplace