Our beloved pet dog: the German Shepherd / Alsatian

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The German Shepherd / The Alsatian (BrE / IrE)

It may be called a complete dog since it is faithful, intelligent, brave, obedient, and very friendly to his master. There are several stories about the origin of this breed. One of them says that the species arose from the mix of several German shepherds. Another is related to the fact it was born from the cross between wolves and shepherd dogs. The truth is: the German shepherd serves to take care of the herds, but it is also a great guard dog.


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I learned that the Alsatian has some differences from the GSD, one of them is that the Alsatian is much larger and heavier than the GSD.
But then, they are very similar, and if I had not learned this today I would say that they are one and the same breed!

https://www.cuteness.com/article/differ ... pherd-dogs