Per year X a year: Qual a diferença?

Hi everybody,

Eu gostaria de saber, qual a diferença entre o uso do " per year " [ por ano ] e do " a year " [ por ano ]. Eu vi um exemplo desses aqui no EE.

Ex.: How much dough do you get per year?

# Eu poderia dizer: How much dough do you get a year ?

Qual a diferença ?

Desde já,
Thanks so much !

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Never Land,

A diferença mais relevante, na minha opinião, é que "per" é mais formal do que "a". Veja algumas respostas do "Wordreference":

Pergunta: Can the terms 'per' and 'a' be used Interchangeably, or is one of them more correct?

Algumas respostas escolhidas:

Either will do.
Sometimes one or the other sounds better.

Used to express a rate or ratio: in, to, or for each, per: (a) originally (with adverbs of repetition) of occurrences within a period of time; (b) (subsequently, relating an amount of money to a period of time; (c) hence expressing rate or proportion in general, i.e. of money value, volume, weight, etc., to a unit of another kind, an individual, etc

Hi forum,

In formal writing... it is totally acceptable to use the expression "per"? A grammar teacher I had some years ago told us that it is not recommended to use "per" when writing a formal English text, and mainly if it is a translation, and that we must use "a" instead, unless it is accompanied by another foreign word, as: per capita, per annum, but not to use as: per liter, per gallon, per day, per hour, etc.

What do you think about this? Thanks in advance for your kind attention

Thinking about it, it seems that per goes better with non-English words.
But it also goes well with many English words.
For example, charges are likely to be quoted as per day, per night, per person, per child, ...
There's nothing wrong with a day, a night, a person... but these sound a lot more casual.
(We routinely talk about miles per gallon )
'a' is more informal and relaxed in such situations sounds better; but 'per' is much more common than 'a' and is generally used.

Hope this helps.