Plural de palavras em inglês que terminam com "o"

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Gostaria de saber por que algumas palavras que terminam com "o" leva -es quando vai para o plural (ex: potato - potatoes) e há palavras que levam apenas -s no plural (ex: photo - photos, piano - pianos)
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Hi Andressa:

In English is very common to find "rules" that are not definitely "strict".
Plural is one of those things we, non-native folks ( we are not English speakers I mean), have problems to deal with.
We can affirm that most words (nouns) are usually in plural form just adding an "s" the same way we have in Portuguese, but not always.
You want to know WHY, well English is a very different language compared to Portuguese, this concept is very good to start with...

My tip is: try to memorize words in singular or plural. Most nouns are regular in terms of singular and plural, so you have to be careful with irregular forms. OK!

You can memorize your own way.
Words from Greek, Latin, etc are used with "os" in plural:
Kilo - kilos photo - photos
That is something I learned by myself, but it is not a rule.

Eventually, you will see that the best way to memorize those "rules" or their abscence is by reading, reading and reading.

Some examples of plural in which "o" becomes "oes"
Echo / echoes
Embargo / embargoes
Hero / heroes
Potato / potatoes
Tomato / tomatoes
Torpedo / torpedoes
Veto / vetoes

Some nouns ending in o break the above rule and get "os" in the plural form:
"o" becomes "os"

Auto / autos
Kangaroo / kangaroos
Kilo / kilos
Memo / memos
Photo / photos
Piano / pianos
Pimento / pimentos
Pro / pros
Solo / solos
Soprano / sopranos
Studio / studios
Tattoo / tattoos
Video / videos
Zoo / zoos

Other nouns ending in o get either os or oes I the plural forms:
"o" becomes "os" or "oes"

Buffalo / buffalos/buffaloes
Cargo / cargos/cargoes
Halo / halos/haloes
Mosquito / mosquitos/mosquitoes
Motto / mottos/mottoes
No / nos/noes
Tornado / tornados/tornadoes
Volcano / volcanos/volcanoes
Zero / zeros/zeroes

See you around!