Que animal se chama Ash?

Kimberly Natacha
Que animal se chama ash? Alguém me diz, por favor.
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4 respostas
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Leonardo96 3880 9 88

Não sei o que te levou a essa dúvida, mas provavelmente houve um engano, pois "ash" não é nenhum tipo de animal. Ou talvez você poderia elaborar mais sobre o que quis dizer.

PPAULO 54115 6 43 973
Ash isn´t a kind of animal, as far as I know off. Ass would be a pack animal.

The word 'ash' could also be related to animal food (pet food), 'crude ash' would stand for calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium (namely - minerals).

The imagery being that if you would burn the said food, what would remain would be the minerals, inorganic matter (good to teeth and bones).
And 'Ash' could also be a pet name, a cat name, for instance.

Zumstein 11690 1 24 380
Ash - A possum (gambá) baby name.
Ash is a baby brushtail possum. She was rescued by NARG (Native Animal Rescue Group) after her mum was killed in the recent bushfires.
Maybe what you're looking for.

PPAULO 54115 6 43 973
Indeed I thought it was because she was rescued from the brushfire (reading the story first part).
After reading on, I discovered she was named after the name of Ash Barty, because she (the possum) is such a fighter - they claim in the story.

In time, Ash is short for Ashley Barter, an Australian tennis player.