Como dizer "Situação em mudança constante" em inglês

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Ever-changing situation

It’s carried to the finish line by Comer, an actor whose naturalism is an ideal fit for a character forced to constantly react to the ever-changing situation in front of her, no time for anything but a need to survive. The Guardian

Isa Mara Lando é uma referência entre os profissionais de tradução. Ela já traduziu mais de 100 livros, entre eles estão obras de autores aclamados, como: George Orwell, Salman Rushdie e Walter Isaacson (a biografia de Einstein). Nesta aula gratuita, Isa dá várias dicas de vocabulário. ACESSAR AULA
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This is an interesting aspect of "mudança constante" que adjetiva "situação", it doesn't depend on somebody's personal volution,
When it comes the most that we can do is to react. The Guardian item hints that with the "constantly react to the ever-changing situation..."

Whereas her cousin "mudança constante" as in "continuous" adjectiving "learning" can be of our own volition somehow.

The former with a meaning close to "perpetual".
The latter with the meaning of "planned" and as opposite of "discontinuous", and it's something "excecuted multiple times" in succession.