Talk back to x Talk down to: São sinômimos?

Hi !
Eu gostaria de saber se TALK BACK TO e TALK DOWN TO são sinônimos ?
Pois parece que eles têm quase o mesmo significado.

Desde já ....
Thanks !!!

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Marcio_Farias 1 23 214

When you talk back to someone you speak in answer usually to a command or admonishment in a flippant or impertinent manner.

Take the sentences "her children talk back to her" and "her children appear to talk down to her". In the first sentence, "her children" probably defy their mother or their elder sister by replying (with all types of arguments flippant or not) to her in a questioning or critical way.

In the second sentence, "her children" appear to speak in a condescending or oversimplified fashion with the false assumption that the listener is altogether ignorant of the matter involved. In other words, "her children" seemingly address their mother or their elder sister as though their mother or their elder sister deserved no more than half a word/response/reply. In sum, "her children" seemingly see their mother or their elder sister as intellectual inferior persons deserving no more than half a look/answer/reply/advice. You may say the children actually treat them in a (hell of a) condescending way.

For what it seems worth, talk back to usually calls more for the immediate and often flippant or impertinent side, whereas talk down to usually involves a great deal of condescending superiority on the part of who does the talking down.

Extremely uneducated kids will more likely or readily "talk back to" rather than "talk down to" their parents. Some may get out of hand and threaten to kill their parents.
Daniel.S 1 2 7
nice post, Marcio
Marcio_Farias 1 23 214
pondedaniel, thank you for your most welcome comment. Unfortunately I made some gender and plural mistakes. I used the possessive her in place of the possessive their as I pathetically attempted to refer to only the children's mother and then again to the children's elder sister. Or to both inadequately. You may say I screwed things up.

I hope to do it better next time.
Daniel.S 1 2 7
that's ok..I often misspell or type things I don't know why the heck I typed them. Just like any other ordinary person. Thought it would nice and kind to overlook your erros this time.
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