Beer is also blamed for yobbish behavior - Tradução em português

Boa Tarde pessoas.

Estou acompanhando o English Experts e estou gostando muito, essa é meu primeiro Post.

Hoje estava lendo um texto e me deparei com a frase abaixo e não entendi muito bem a tradução e gostaria da ajuda de vocês.

Beer is also blamed for yobbish behavior.

Outro ponto que não entendi foi "lager louts" e "lager beer"

Vou colocar o texto abaixo para ficarem a par do contexto.

Muito obrigado!


Beer is the world's oldest alcoholic drink. It is actually the third most popular drink, after water and tea. It is brewed from cereals like barley and wheat. Most beers are made in the same way around the world. There are two main types —lager beer and the darker ale. Beer is an important part of socializing. People often say it is a “social lubricant”. Many young people are drinking beer today and this is leading to problems in society. There are health problems of drinking too much beer. Beer is also blamed for yobbish behavior. In Britain, youngsters who disturb the peace when drunk are called “lager louts”. For most of the world’s beer drinkers though, nothing can beat having a few beers with friends.

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Yobbish behaviour = destrucive behaviour, usually caused by youths such as stone trowing, petty arson or vandalism or other misdemeanours ( urban dictionary )
Lager louts = a rowdy or aggressive young drunk male (the free dictionary)
Larger beer = Originally a German beer, but now also made in immense quantities in the United States; - so called from its being laid up or stored for some months before use.( the free dictionary)

Espero ter ajudado
Muito Obrigado.