My spirits sank fast as I counted out - Tradução em português

The pauses in the dull beating of the surf were filled up by the dreary rustling of the dwarf trees near the grave, and the cold faint bubble of the brook over the stony bed. A dreary scene and a dreary hour. My spirits sank fast as I counted out the minutes of the evening in my hiding-place under the church porch.

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Minha mente(estado mental) enfraquecia rápido enquanto eu contava os minutos da noite em meu esconderijo embaixo do alpendre/entrada/varanda/vestíbulo da igreja.

spirits [plural] a person's feelings or state of mind
To sink: one of its meaning is to become weaker(to decrease in amount, volume, strength, etc)
He is clearly sinking fast (= getting weaker quickly and will soon die).
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