Try + verb + ing x Try to: Qual a diferença

Why don't you try relaxing a little bit? Usamos o gerúndio depois de try por causa da exigência desse verbo?
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Why don´t you try to relax a bit? (this way it mean I suggesting, said suggestion means that you don´t actually succeed at doing it, you just can´t but you need to.)

Other example with infinitive:

Why don´t you try relaxing a little bit?
It is assumed here that the person you are talking to perhaps never relax or never relaxed, so you are offering him/her a new experience. That one of relaxing.
So it´s not a matter of being able to do it (the experience/the event) as above.
One example:
“I realized it was never really about fear. I just had to let myself relax, so I started feeling better. Why don't you try relaxing, too, all right?

Anyway, by saying that, somehow the end result is the same. I mean, it seems like having some intersection in the senses and meanings as well.

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