Visitant x Visitor: Qual a diferença

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Qual a diferença, já que as duas significam visitante?
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If you visit somebody else you are a visitor, if you are staying as a guest you are a visitant.

If you hear noises elsewhere at home and go there to check it out, you come back and says to your wife "honey, I found out we have a visitor. It's a mouse!"
So, you are stating that the mouse is a houseguest, probably it isn't just a passing visitant. :-)

Until now we are talking about the word as a noun, we could have it as an adjective qualifying the noun:
Showing in this way if the team home is in any way superior or inferior to the visitant team.
"visitant" - is a qualifier, a kind of adjective, it qualifies the noun "team".
Sorry Zumsteim, for making forays on the soccer/sport lingo again. I hope you don't mind it. :-)