What is your favorite TV channel?

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Yeah, I agree with you. I think there aren't just the recent films.
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I like to watch the channels History, A&E, Discovery... Know, I like to watch documentaries.

angelo3d 220 3
Well, I like science, technology, series, movies and some cartoons, so I don't have a specific channel that I like (but exists a lot of channels that I don't like!)

My channels favorites of TV is The CW, Nickelodeon, Discovery Channel, HBO.

Matheus barbosaj
I Like more of watch TV. My channel favorite is SBT, where watch daily the program '' Cumplices ''.

Eddie Ribeiro
Now I don't watch much TV as I used to, most because I've recently fallen in love with Netflix :)
However I love to watch Warner Channel, Discovery Channel, ESPN and of course I can't miss an episode of Game of Thrones on HBO
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João Pedro Bandeir
Well, I really like movies, tv series, music and nature, so... HBO, Warner, MTV and NatGeo are in my favorites list. But my real passion is sport and definetely I spend almost my entire time on TV watching ESPN.

paulohlemes 120 3
I usually rather to watch any sports channel, but I also like to watch movies and TV shows on Netflix. Lately I'm not watching too much channels on TV

Amanda Maio 20
I love all channels of discovery, because are very interesting, I learned about many things when I watch these channels.

History channel because I love watch pawn stars, and I really like watching TLC too !

Nathaniel Santos Si
Well, I don't have a favorite TV show, but I watch SBT channel sometimes.
I like more watch a serie on Netflix.

Mel Mendes
I prefer watching things on Netflix. I don't have a TV in my house.

The CW, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Discovery Channel, HBO, Netflix...

Gabriel Justi
I prefer the channels that have TV series, like Wanner and Comedy Central.

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