Alguém conhece a UK study?

Hello everyone!!!

Well, I'll travel to study in London, only a intensive English course and I've researched a lot about prices, passages and good schools there. I knew the UK study on Facebook and it has offered many discounts on English courses in London. Very nice!!! The UK study's promises is make the interface between me and school. And if I booking a English course by them I'll get a great discount in any course. I've talked with them and they've been very attentive with my questions, they've been too cool with me :D But i need references about them to pay a expensive English course by internet ;) So I would like to know whether someone knows them. And if someone knows some agency or good school, it may indicate me :)

The Uk study's page:

PS: I'm so sorry for any mistake.

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Telma Regina 9 63 594
JT, do you know where are you going to study in London? What is the name of the school that UK study recommended for you?
They indicated me the Rose of York School. I went on page this school and I liked it :D I sent an email to it asking if the UK study is a partner of them and they confirmed that. But I would like to have more information and references about UK study, cause i can't pay a course by internet without know who is the account ;)

Thank you so much for help, Telma :D Have a nice afternoon.
Telma Regina 9 63 594
JT, when I saw the area code of the telephone number on the link you sent, I realized it is from Brighton and Hove. I know because I lived there.
I spoke to one of my friends last night that personally knows Luciano. She said he's trustworthy and he's been doing this for many years. She knows a lot of people that booked their English courses with him and nobody complained. He helps everyone even with all the paperwork that you need, but he lives in Brighton and Hove, and you require a school in London which he doesn't offer many options for you.
Look for a school with better facilities, for example, adequate library, some national teachers, and a good combination of quality lessons and social activities. Obviously, try not to fall into the trap of staying in a company of people from your own country.
These links may help you:
Telma, it's a great and very important information for me. Since I started talk with Luciano I saw that he's a good person, he's very attentive to explain anything. I liked it. But I was really needing know more about the UK study. You've helped me a lot with it.

Telma, thank you so much for all help and attention.

Have a nice big holiday :D