Callan Method

Hi everyone! It's the first time I'm posting here! Just a new member!
I'm wondering if has anyone heard about Callan Method or even tried it?
Is it possible to reach such a good level of English in a quarter of time of the traditional methods?
Thanks in advance. 8-)
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Hi Jeane,
I once had the opportunity to read about this Method,I found it quite interesting and efficient.The point is,you need someone who knows how to use it.If you find any reliable school that makes use of it,then GO FOR BROKE!....I think it will be worth it.But remember,the best Method is your dedication.Where there´s a will there´s a way.
Bye...see you...all the best....questions are always welcome.
Hello donay, thank you a lot for answering my question.
Actually, I've been thinking about starting teaching English as a second activity. But I've known only the traditional and slow methods.
So, when my brother told me about Callan, I also found it very interesting and got curious.
My brother is a beginner and he's made another stop in the course. He's the type that learns English by fits and starts.
I'd like to find someone who has tried the method either as a student or teacher so that I can make a clearer idea on it. This method hasn't been taught in the schools where I live.
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Este tópico continua aqui:

O Método Callan é realmente eficiente?