College x University: Qual a diferença?

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What's the difference between these words? I am really confused!

Thanks in advanced.
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The differences are quite confusing, but the information below should be of help to you.

Difference between College and University

It is quite easy to identify the difference between college and university. If you are confused, read on to know more about what a college is and how it differs from a university.

First and foremost, we need to understand that both College and University are educational institutions or establishments that impart education to students. However, many of us seem to misinterpret the definition or meaning between a college and a University. Let us now understand the difference between college and university.

Difference in the meaning of College and University

A college is an educational institution that extends degrees for a specific subject or area of learning. A University on the other hand is a group of colleges. Getting graduated from a University implies that you have sought a specific educational degree from one of their colleges. It is best to choose the subject or field of expertise you would to specialise in, before enrolling either for a college or a University.

Simpler Definition between College and University

A College is smaller in size as compared to a University. Generally, Universities are popular and well known as compared to colleges. There is surely a lot of difference in terminology. In the United States, even secondary high schools may be referred to as Colleges. Vocational schools may also be referred to as colleges. On the other hand, a University is generally meant for graduation and higher studies. It comprises of higher learning as well as tertiary education.

Awarding Degrees and Certificates

Universities have the right to aware certificates and degrees to their students on successful completion of a particular course or vocational training. The tenure of the course may vary depending on the type of training or course the student has enrolled for. A University certificate carries a lot of value as well.

On the other hand, some of the colleges may be governed by specific Universities and may or may not have the right to issue certificates to their students. Holding a University Certificate is more valid and carries value as well. A community college does not have the right to issue a degree certificate. Only a University provides four year degree courses to students and only after successful completion of these four year courses, students may be awarded valid completion certificates.

Similarly, a college has the right to issue technical training and certificates to students who have completed diploma or part time courses but cannot issue a Bachelor’s Degree. In some countries, Universities can provide degrees to students who have completed the specific courses.

Difference between College and University rates and fees

As compared to college fees, the University fees are much higher and hence many people go in for University grants colleges where the fees are slightly cheaper. Getting admission and graduating from a University is considered prestigious and hence many students prefer to take up higher studies from a University.

If a student wants to take up a Master’s Degree, it is important to take up admission in a University. Colleges are smaller as compared to Universities. The faculties who teach in Universities are much more efficient as compared to that in a college.

The number of students that a faculty has to handle is much less in a college as compared to a University.

However, we cannot underestimate the quality of teaching as there are some very good teachers and faculties who impart education even in small colleges. There are some colleges that have very good standards and at times are much better than a University.

Few countries like Canada and Australia have a different interpretation of a college and university. Here, the college offers a certificate or a diploma and a University offers a degree.

Universities also offer PhD degree after the four year Bachelor’s degree. A community college may offer an associate degree which may or may not be in par with a University Degree.

The other major difference between college and university is that the instructors or faculties need to adhere to specific teaching and researching requirements. A University focuses more on research based studies. A college offers subjects that are related to the study material.

A student interested to do his Doctors in a particular field may have to take admission in a University as a College may not be able to grant this certificate.
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É a mesma diferença que tem no Brasil.

College = faculdade (ex: faculdade de letras, de uma especialidade)
University = Universidade (ex: Universidade Nacional de Brasília, um conjunto de várias faculdades de várias áreas. Englobando faculdade de física, de engenharia, de letras..etc)
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Thanks both of you. Now I understand.

Just reading this: "A University on the other hand is a group of colleges." I understand everything.
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Nicole, that is not always true. The question is quite complex. I suggest you try Google and do some research on your own. You will find one conflicting answer after another.