Como dizer "Ajudar nas despesas de casa" em inglês

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Depois que meu filho começou a trabalhar, ele também ajuda nas despesas de casa.
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- help with the household expenses

Do Jornal Americano Sun Sentinel:

''Dear Amy: My wife went back to work about a year ago. After being home for about 20 years raising our kids, she is working 30 hours a week. We have two boys who are both in college. She now wants to open her own checking account and have her paycheck deposited into it so that she can "spend as she pleases. I work full time and make substantially more than she does, all along depositing my paycheck into our joint account and paying for all of our expenses. I would like for my wife to help with the household expenses, but she doesn't think she needs to because I make so much more than she does.''

''Depois que meu filho começou a trabalhar, ele também ajuda nas despesas de casa.''
"My son has also been helping with the household expenses since he started working.''

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Since my son (child) got a job, he also helps me with the bills (to pay the bills)/help out on the bills/ we share the bills.

Chances are the he helps by paying some of the bills, for instance, utility bills or the rent bills etc.
The initial examples of the thread/topic assumes all the bills, or most of them are lumped togheter. Anyway if you want descriminate them, you can. As I just have shown.

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I think you can use all of the manners below:

To give financial support: Since my son got a job, he also gives financial support at home.
To give financial aid: .......................................................aid................
To split bills in a household: ........................., we split household bills.

If I´m not wrong, these ones are adequate.