Como dizer "Boca a boca" em inglês

Alessandro 3590 3 11 83
Eu estava assistindo um vídeo sobre o Google e a apresentadora em determinado momento disse que o google nunca gastou 1 centavo com publicidade eles ficaram conhecidos no mundo todo "by word of mouth". Em bom Português pelo boca a boca.

Sendo assim: by word of mouth = de boca a boca

I hope you like it!
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Alessandro 3590 3 11 83
Obrigado Pri e Jerry pelo complemento da mensagem.


Donay Mendonça 62320 22 99 1511

Exemplos de uso com a expressão "by word of mouth":

"The best advertising is done by word-of-mouth."
A melhor propaganda (divulgação) é feita boca a boca.

"Advertising by word of mouth."
Fazendo propaganda (divulgando) boca a boca.

"Word of mouth travels at a much higher speed than the speed of light. Word of mouth is for both good and bad aspects. However bad things or aspects move at a much faster rate that that of the good.
If you are a businessman trying to promote something new, then word of mouth is the best means of advertising. It starts from your home. Tell your family members and friends about the new product you are planning to launch. Lets say, you tell about the features of your product to your brother at home, what he will do is discuss about it, to his friends and colleagues. And in turn his friends will tell their friends and the chain goes on." [Yahoo Voices - USA]

Bons estudos!

Donay Mendonça 62320 22 99 1511

Sugiro usar "do" para dizer "fazer respiração boca a boca" em inglês. Veja exemplos feitos por falantes nativos do idioma.

Anonymous surveys show that people are reluctant to do mouth-to-mouth, Ewy said, partly because of fear of infections. [NBC - USA]

But you will not be asked to do mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Guidelines adopted by the American Heart Association in 2008... [ - USA]

Nonstop chest compressions work better for adult cardiac arrest because most people take too long to do mouth-to-mouth, said senior author... [ - USA]

Bons estudos. Compartilhe.

Jerry Dorien 1600 4 44
Confesso que pensei a mesma coisa que PriAndrade, Aqui em Manaus nós temos uma expressão mais ou menos semelhante e chamamos de "rádio peão" que é usada nas indústrias.

Essa forma eu achei no OXFORD:

The story did the rounds. (A história foi passando de boca em boca).


Marcio_Farias 12580 1 23 212

Perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.
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"By word of mouth" is the standard, accepted form to express the idea of social networking or social media marketing.

There is an informal idiomatic expression for this, too: "I heard it through the grapevine." has a song by that name.

mili 45
Alessandro massa mesmo esse topico. Aprendi mais uma hoje. Aqui mais informacoes sobre o termo:

Word of mouth is a reference to the passing of information from person to person. Originally the term referred specifically to oral communication[1] (literally words from the mouth), but now includes any type of human communication, such as face-to-face, telephone, email, and text messaging.

History of word of mouth marketing
One of the earliest Australasian references to and the active use of the term 'Word of Mouth Marketing' was by an Australian MLM company from the mid 1980's. This company may possibly have been the originator of the term. This company promoted its alternative-to-dairy product range through this method, especially to those with asthma, dairy allergies and cardiac issues. The related topics became a conversational piece, so product promotion and trial naturally resulted

Word of mouth marketing
Word-of-mouth marketing, which encompasses a variety of subcategories, including buzz, blog, viral, grassroots, cause influencers and social media marketing, as well as ambassador programs, work with consumer-generated media and more, can be highly valued by product marketers. Because of the personal nature of the communications between individuals, it is believed that product information communicated in this way has an added layer of credibility. Research points to individuals being more inclined to believe WOMM than more formal forms of promotion methods; the receiver of word-of-mouth referrals tends to believe that the communicator is speaking honestly and is unlikely to have an ulterior motive (i.e. They are not receiving an incentive for their referrals).[2]

To promote and manage word-of-mouth communications, marketers use publicity techniques as well as viral marketing methods to achieve desired behavioral response. Influencer marketing is increasingly used to seed WOMM by targeting key individuals that have authority and a high number of personal connections.

Marketers place significant value on positive word-of-mouth, which is traditionally achieved by creating products, services and customer experiences that generate conversation-worthy "buzz" naturally[3]. The relatively new practice of word of mouth marketing attempts to inject positive "buzz" into conversations directly.

PriAndrade 125 3
Hello Everybody,

Quando ví este título do tópico, pensei em outra coisa, então, somente para complementar:

Boca a Boca (Respiração) = Mouth to mouth (resuscitation) = CPR (CardioPulmonary Resuscitation)


sandrom 625 3 10
I think it is possible to say "give someone mouth-to-mouth breathing (or breaths)".

I hope it helps.

tivrfoa 20
I also saw it written like this: word-of-mouth

The growth has largely come from word-of-mouth.

vitor boldrin 585 8
PriAndrade escreveu:Boca a Boca (Respiração) = Mouth to mouth (resuscitation) = CPR (CardioPulmonary Resuscitation)
É mas como dizer fazer respiração boca a boca? Usa-se do ou make?

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