Como dizer “Chá de bonecas” em inglês

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Chá de Bonecas – é uma festa para meninas (“Luluzinhas”) onde cada menina leva sua boneca preferida.

Como seria em inglês?

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Doll Tea Party.
The Cutest Tea Party Sets for Girls

One of my daughter’s favorite things to do with her dolls and stuffed animals is host a tea party.

Ava says:
I haven’t played with tea sets in the longest time…
What happened next just highlights the extreme contrast between our two girls. As I posted earlier this week, Lily wanted nothing to do with princess costumes in her ballet class. She’s never been into dolls and hates princess movies. We’ve never had a tea party because she has no interest in pretending like her dolls and stuffed animals are doing anything besides being dolls and stuffed animals. She would rather do a puzzle, build with blocks or play obsessively with letters and numbers than ever do these things. We think she’s an engineer in the making.
Rose is only 20 months old and has never had a tea party because Lily was so uninterested in such things that I never bought a proper set and stopped trying for tea parties with other makeshift materials. Rose thought to do this all on her own. I asked her if she was having a tea party and she started screaming “PARTY! PARTY! PARTY!” and continued to serve her “friends”. If anyone tried to move one of her “friends”, she’d scream out in protest. This was HER table and HER party and even real little girl friends who’d come to visit us were not allowed to interrupt her.

When Lily saw that Rose was having a tea party with her “friends”, Lily got really upset.

“I don’t want to have a pretend party! I want to have a real party! I don’t want to drink tea with stuffed animals!”