Como dizer "diversão espalhafatosa" em inglês

Tentei usar algo como "noisy fun", mas talvez existam alternativas mais próximas?

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It would depend on what you mean, as context wasn´t provided I will resource to a description: for example, fans of soccer/footbal cheer as if their lives depend upon it, during a soccer match, you could say that they are a roaring bunch or roaring/loud fans.

So, with a crowd of soccer you can say that they "make noise, wave hands, sing and chant, etc" they make a real noise!

You can say that you have "loud neighbour" (a noisy family maybe) meaning that they may sing, scream, shout (to the point can hear them shouting through the walls), stomp, bang the walls, listen loud music, play instruments, etc.
That could be while they are having fun, at the weekends etc. But that is generally said about the ones that do that during late hours.
A frase completa seria: "Quase toda diversão espalhafatosa prejudica; a balburdia de uns é o inferno de outros". Estou tendo dificuldades em traduzir.
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Hi there, Sirh. Your question is a great one, and it´s hard to give an all-encompassing answer (there´s no one-answer-fits-all in this case).
There are contexts and contexts here.

Pick, for example the kid or teen that is very energetic, we could say "being loud is likely to be a source of entertainment to them" so give them the appropriate space (say, having them joining a club or practicing some sport) that could be a scape valve to them, along with a healthy one - they do need to be tired at the end of the day).

Another way to see that would be "one´s amusement may not be the amusement of others." (or it may even annoy/piss off others).
That is, sometimes you may have fun but your own satisfaction may not be more important than the fact of the general well-being, for instance. In this case, it´s not about others not complaining about it, but the fact that you are having that "loud fun" (wild and unruly) at the wrong place or wrong time.
That´s why autodromes, zoning laws, insulation to curb noise, entertainment places/venues exist.

I hope I have touched at least two likely contexts around your question. If there are more to it, feel free to ask further.
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Plus, your enjoyment could also spoil other people´s enjoyment of their houses (e.g. The case of a late party along with noisy sound). Something that we don´t have the right to do. Conversely, they don´t have the right to spoil our enjoyment of our houses.
As I pointed out, it´s not about others not complaining about it. There are proper places and time and even if people don´t complain about our doings, it´s about being inconsiderate of us to make noise and be really loud.
That´s why autodromes, zoning laws, insulation to curb noise, entertainment places/venues exist.