Como dizer "Já passou/ Pronto, pronto" em inglês

Simon Vasconcelos 4365 7 85
There, there

-It's really painful! Ouch!
-I know, but I'll fix it in a heartbeat.
-Ouch, ouch. Stop it, stop it for God's sake please.
-There, there. You'll feel better in a few minutes.
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PPAULO 58005 6 43 1036
Ha ha, this reminded me of the word "oxe" (ouch ouch) :lol:
I guess it corrupted then to "oxente" ;)

Or then it might be from "ouch, sh*t!", chances are...

jorgeluiz 4545 1 6 91
No contexto que visualizo: por exemplo confortando uma criança que se machucou ficaria: It´s over, It´s over, take it easy, take it easy.......

cheers !

Felipe Ronaldo 10
You can say: "It's ok now..."