Como dizer "Larga essa faca" em inglês

Ola pessoal? Como dizer para uma criança: Larga essa faca, voce vai se machucar!

Seria, let go of the knife? Obrigada!

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Hello, put away the knife, you can cut yourself.

Let go and drop the knife may or may not denote an order, and perhaps in an emergency (that is, an order), it´s usual to be used by the police, for instance.

But then there are situations and situations, say, if your kid is going to carve a pumpkin you could ask him/her to "leave it to you to carve it." etc.
Dealing with knifes is a bit of a cultural thing indeed, in some parts of the North and Northeast region of Brazil it´s no big deal.
Of course, it has to be done under adult supervision and should be used the right tools at the right moments.
You don´t give the sharpest tool to a child, but you can gradually educate them to use them and help you out around the kitchen, cut fruits, etc. Anyway, it´s up to parents, they will use their evaluating skills. Safety first. ... chen-knife