Como dizer "Onde estão os seus pensamentos?" em inglês

Geisy De Mello Padi
Bom dia, pessoal!
Gostaria de perguntar "Aonde estão seus pensamentos?", mas de forma positiva. Como faço isso?
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Ricardo F. Bernardi 13605 23 296
Hello, Geisy.
How are you?

(Hey, darling.) Where are you now?

Could you tell me what are you thinking of?
I'd like to know what is running through your mind.
(No clue.) What is on your mind?

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So long,


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Marcio_Farias 12595 1 23 212
E "Where did all of your lovely thoughts go?"?
Ricardo F. Bernardi 13605 23 296
In this case, I should write:

Where do all of your lovely / romantic thoughts go?
PPAULO 59700 6 45 1066
What about "(a) penny for your thoughts"?
Ricardo F. Bernardi 13605 23 296
If we have to consider the lovely thoughts, unfortunately, I have to disagree.

Penny suggests worries related to money, costs, in general.

It could be used if a couple, for example, are discussing something related to their expenses.
PPAULO 59700 6 45 1066
Indeed if someone is quiet, aloof or passive, one could ask that. Granted that it happens most of the time in a crisis situation.
But, yes the above alternatives jibe well with the idea Geisy was looking for.
Ricardo F. Bernardi 13605 23 296

I believe Geisy will be so proud with us for discussing about this topic. :)

Anyway, I somewhat agree to you. I apologize for that.

Geisy's question could be ambiguous. However, when Geisy said "mas de forma positiva", I believe she was talking about "positive and kind way to ask something; without worries; and even without leaving someone worried or angry". She elucidated her question, but she could say "de maneira positiva amorosa, romântica ou uma brincadeira".

When we use the sentence "What about "(a) penny for your thoughts?", we are already suggesting that the listener is worried about financial problems or something which is bothering / troublesome. I should say it is kind of a catty / sarcastic question, which aloofs off and wrecks Geisy's intention.

The keyword here is not aloofness - on the contrary, politeness.
It is just something to ask for someone in order to show how we want to help without being cocky or noisy.

Now, if we consider long-term relationships, of course, there will be no problems to use your suggestion. Jokes are essential for a relationship sometimes.

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So long,


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PPAULO 59700 6 45 1066
Hey! You don´t have anything to apologize for, thanks for sharing your views and trying to help others out.

Now, not a translation to that feeling, but I like the related feeling wrote by Baron Brady on Umbra.

"I wish I could read your thoughts" and then, poetically continues on "but I don´t know where to look. Perhaps if I look in your eyes, I´ll know."

Just for the sake of participation. And because somehow it is related to the feeling.
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