Como dizer “Placa de recepção em aeroporto” em inglês

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Airport pick-up sign

The person meeting you at the arrival hall will be carrying an “airport pick-up sign” with your name on it.
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Could it be: I will be holding a "welcome sign" with your name on it. Or: I will have a sign with your name on it.

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And also just (to be there with) a sign, provided that you have mentioned where "there" was.

Arrived here on Thursday and stayed until Sunday. I came here for vacation and throughly enjoyed ourselves, from the start of the vacation at the airport the driver the hotel arranged Hernan was there with a sign with my name in it
Source: Travelocity

It´s worth noticing that both "pick up" or "welcome" are signs mean welcome, and the event would mean people that went to the airport to pick someone up.
The "welcome" per se is more likely in the event of waiting someone that never came to the city (or town) and aren´t that acquainted with us (at least not in person), or from friends that haven´t see you for a long time.