Correção de texto para o curso de inglês

Olá, pessoal.

Eu estou fazendo um texto e gostaria de saber se vocês poderiam corrigir uma parte que eu já fiz. É apenas um rascunho.

Se vocês puderem, aqui está:

"The clima has been really strange lately. The issue of the Global warming is all over the News. The countries are getting hotter, and some people are even moving out of their native countries. However, as happens with quite a few theories - and "Global warming" is a theory -, there are those who don’t believe in Global warming at all. As far as they are concerned, the Global warming is nothing but a farce.
Nevertheless, the world is changing, and it is a fact. Thus, so that we don’t fall behind, we shouldn’t just sit by. It’s time to wake up .
The mudslides in Santa Catarina, Brazil, serve as an example. They are increasingly often and the politicians do nothing. There, for example, the houses should neither be built on hillsides, nor on the top of the mountains. But, since the houses was already put up, all the available measures must be taken as quickly as possible to remove the people from hazardous areas. The security comes first."


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I won’t correct your text, but I’ll give you some tips to improve it:

Don’t use formal linkers e.g. thus, therefore, nevertheless… with phrasal verbs together (fall behind,sit by, wake up);
If you are writing a formal essay about climate change or global warning keep it formal;
You need to develop your paragraphs better e.g. the issue of global warming… what kind of issue is that?
Give more explanations about that.
A good tip is to read articles about the topic you are going to write. It will give vocabulary and ideas to write your own text. ... index.html

http://environment.nationalgeographic.c ... l-warming/ ... -facts.php