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Como contribuidor no, eu respondo perguntas somente em Inglês, que ainda está no intermediário. Gostaria que esta minha mais recente resposta fosse analisada por um expert.

How are stimuli converted into signals for the body to respond to? (Pergunta feita por um usuário de alguma parte do mundo)

Não usei nenhuma referência pela Internet, usando o que sabia ou penso saber sobre esse assunto. Fiz várias edições, e o resultado final foi este:

Stimuli are not converted into signals. It generates a signal using a huge network of nerves throughout the body. These signals converge to the brain, which interpret them and sent back a "order" to the correspondent point of the body that has felt any kind of stimuli. Such "order" may refer to the release of defence cells, or simply tell your arm to touch the point of the stimuli,in order to calm you down, as a simple example. The signal that flows through the nerve, uses a mineral, magnesium, as a "medium" to carry the flowing signal. Sodium is another mineral that participates of the process. Such travel may take only miliseconds to reach the brain and to come back.
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Hi Sid,

Congratulations on your project.

First, do not say, "Stimuli are not converted into signals. It generates a signal", because you will be raising a contest debate since "stimuli is in fact converted into electronic signals". Try to research the subject e do not answer that completely from your own thoughts. Remember that it is a physiology/biology question and you do not want to appear to the listener as not really knowing the subject in question. In addition try to answer the question without extending the answering concept too much. Cite every research that you made and put the link on the bottom.

Wish you the best!

The Nervous System
The stimulus is converted to an electronic signal and transmitted to a sensory neuron. Sensory neurons connect sensory receptors to the CNS. The CNS processes the signal, and transmits a message back to an effector organ (an organ that responds to a nerve impulse from the CNS) through a motor neuron.

Reception is the first step in the processing of sensation and is dependent on the receptor type, stimulus, and receptive field.

The Nervous System

Ps: I graduated in emergency medical technician, (EMT-1A) a long time ago, that is because I am still retaining some knowledge in the subject.
Ok, I believe you, but when an answer is wrongly given, an expert in the subject can delete it and provide a new and correct response. It is rare such event to happen, because only now and then I dare to respond a question from my own, on scientific subjects. But I think that something in my answer was correct. When you insert a needle in your arm, firstly, the electronic signal have to travel until the brain to stimulate the sensor neuron. So there are two processes: the electronic signal flowing through the nerves web until the brain, and the processing of the signal by the sensory neuron and the interaction of the CNS in such process. I am going to study now this process using the links you provided. The reason to respond a question which I am not an expert in, is that it is diffucult to find appropriate questions to answer. Thanks.
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You handle English very well so I am sure you will produce a good answer that will satisfy Greeks and Trojans! :)
Thanks a lot, Word Moder, that was an "Electronic stimulus".