Differences between Question, Query and Doubt


First of all, I'd like to state that I'm new here, and as a matter of fact this is my very first post here, therefore I apologize if I make/made any mistakes (hopefully I haven't done any so far).

My question (how ironic) here is the following:

What differs question from query and last but not least doubt? I know that on day-to-day use they all work out good, but at work, or when talking to important people, this means a huge impression.

Thanks in advance,

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I used to think something like:
question = questao
doubt = duvida
query = consulta

So far it has been working good I am free to accept new ideas though :)
Donay Mendonça 22 107 1.6k
"Query" é usado quando se pergunta visando obter informações importantes ou verificar alguma coisa.

- Give us a ring if you have any queries about the contract.

"Question" é um termo geral para se dizer ''perguntas de formas diversas''.

I have a question for you: are you in a relationship?

"Doubt" está muito ligado à incerteza.

''He said John is highly qualified.'' 'I have my doubts. John isn't really the best person for the job.'