ESL Mini Article

JacksonB 2
I'm a Computer Science student , and Computer Science guys ought to hate Microsof Office Word (Kidding!! :P ).

So, we were supposed to build up a Mini Article using LaTeX, an article about anything, what matters is the LaTeX building itself.

Well, I picked an English related theme and I'd like to share with you guys. :)

Maybe the content isn't great and there might be grammar mistakes, I wrote it in a 2 hours long travel from Rio do Sul to Florianópolis so it was built up in a hurry. Even the LaTeX thing has errors but anyways it's just a prototype.

And plus it's in Portuguese :/ , a few guys speak English in my class so I had to, although I intend to rewrite it in English (Yay!).

Here it goes >> , it's in 4shared.. there are 3 files in there, one of them is a PDF file which you reader would download, and there are both .tex and .bib files for whoever is interested in that whole n crazy computer thing . ;P

(Alternative link on Scribd > , not recommended :/)

PS.:The date is the current date pretty much because it updates each time I make adjustments and recompile the file.
If you find any reference with the ideas I put there please let me know, so that I can recompile the file. The ideas I didn't reference are mine, but I didn't have time enough to comb this huge internet yet.

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