Exercício: Copa do Mundo - Texto em Inglês 3

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Donay Mendonça 22 106 1.6k
Olá Pessoal,

A. Leiam o texto a seguir:

World Cup 2010: Red-carded Kaka will focus on form
[BBC Sport]

Brazil playmaker Kaka will take advantage of his red card against the Ivory Coast by improving his fitness.
Kaka was handed a one-match ban after receiving a second yellow card for a seemingly innocuous collision with Ivorian midfielder Kader Keita.

"I'll use this time to continue working on my physical fitness," said Kaka, whose side qualified for the knock-out stage following their 3-1 win.

Brazil's chiefs have not yet appealed against Kaka's red card.
However, the Real Madrid star is hopeful that football's world governing body will take a look at the controversial incident, which saw Keita clutch his face and fall to the ground dramatically after running into him.

"The images tell it all. I hope Fifa looks into this," he added.

Meanwhile, Brazil coach Dunga described the sending off as "unjustified".
The former World Cup winner said: "The player who commits the foul escapes the yellow card, I have to congratulate him for that.

"It was a totally unjustified dismissal of Kaka, he was fouled and yet he was punished.
"It was a very complicated game, a very physical game I might add. There were many fouls committed and all of us, who love football and desire beautiful football, always ask that the beautiful game is controlled.

"We have to know what is good football and what is not. So when the referee allows certain fouls or certain incidents to go unpunished that is not right.

"I must actually congratulate that Ivory Coast player.

"We played much better than Ivory Coast and received more yellow cards than our opponents without really having committed any serious fouls.

"So we are left a little bit in doubt. What do we really have to do not to receive these yellow cards?"

Prior to that, Kaka - who in the build-up had been the focus of much speculation regarding his lack of form - showed glimpses of the player who was named World Footballer of the Year in 2007.

He put Luis Fabiano through for the striker's opening goal and played a role in Elano's second-half strike.
Fabiano, who scored twice, admitted to using his hand in the build-up to his second goal.

"Well that is true, it seems as though the ball hit my hand," he said. "It seems the ball hit my hand and the second time it hit my shoulder.

"But in order to make the goal more beautiful, there had to be a doubtful element. It was a spectacular goal and I believe it was not a voluntary handball.

"It was a legitimate goal and it was one of the most beautiful goals that I've scored in my career.
"It was magnificent and where better to score such a goal than at the World Cup?"

Meanwhile, Elano seemed to suffer the most from the Ivorians' physical approach as the former Manchester City midfielder left the field on a stretcher after injuring his right ankle.

The midfielder screamed with agony after Cheik Tiote's over-the-ball challenge. However, Brazil doctor Jose Luiz Runco said the injury was not serious and believes Elano could be fit to face Portugal.

B. Respondam as perguntas de acordo com o texto lido.

1. What is Kaka going to do until he can play again?

2. Did Brazil qualify for the knock-out stage?When?

3. Who put Luis Fabino through to score Brazil's first goal?

4. Who describes Kaka's sending off as unjustified?

C. Traduzam as palavras sublinhadas a seguir.

1. It was a totally unjustified dismissal of Kaka, he was fouled and yet he was punished.

2. So when the referee allows certain fouls or certain incidents to go unpunished that is not right.

D. Escolha verdadeiro (true) ou falso (false)

1. Kaka was mad at the referee's decision.(...)
2. Luis Fabiano scored two goals against Ivory Coast.(...)
3. Brazil will face Portugal now.(...)
Bons estudos.
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2 respostas
Flavia.lm 1 10 96
Hi there

1. He's going to work on his physical fitness (though I think there's nothing to improve there :D )
2. Yes, yesterday after defeating Ivory Coast 3-1.
3. Kaká did.
4. Dunga does. And I totally agree with him, it was UNFAIR. But I was reading today that the two last red cards Brazil was given during World Cups were in 1994 (4th title - poor Leo) and 2002 (5th title). So let's hope we'll win the third consecutive Cup after a red card. ;)

1. expulsão / he was fouled: cometeram uma falta em cima dele
2. permitir / passam sem punição

1. Well, I think it is not explicit in the text. To be honest, by reading this, it seems he didn't care about the dismissal at all. But, among the ones who watched the game, some may say he was not, once he did not say anything, and some may say he did not say anything just because he was very very very mad. :evil:
2. T
3. T


posso corrigir o Dunga?
It was a totally unjustified dismissal of Kaka. --> Kaka's dismissal was totally unjustified
(fica mais bonito, não?)
(pelo menos aqui eu posso corrigir ele, rs!)


p.s.1: very nice exercise ;)
p.s.2: I liked the word "glimpses" (referring to Kaka's performance and comparing to how it was in 2007)
Donay Mendonça 22 106 1.6k

Here are the answers/Aqui estão as respostas

1.He's going to improve his fitness
2.Yes,they did.In the game against Ivory Coast


1.Expulsão,recebeu falta
2.Permite(aceita),passar sem punição



Bons estudos!