Exercício: Texto em Inglês no Gerúndio (Presente Contínuo)

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Confira um exercício com um texto a seguir no Gerúndio ou Presente Contínuo (Present Continuous).

1. Text

A busy family

John is watching TV and talking with Anna, his sister. John and Anna are watching a cartoon on TV now. They are on vacation, so they are having a lot of fun.
Their mother, Juliet, is cooking and talking with a friend on the cellphone. Juliet is very busy at the moment.
Their father, Bryan, is working in a big store and will come home to have lunch with his family.
As you can see, John, Anna, Juliet and Bryan are doing different things right now. But at lunchtime they will do the same thing: to eat.
When they are eating, they don't like to talk a lot or make jokes. Juliet and Bryan are very serious parents.
But this ordinary family is always doing new things whenever it's possible.

2. Choose the correct alternative

A. John isn't watching a cartoon.
B. Juliet is working.
C. Bryan is having a lot of fun.
D. Anna is sleeping.
E. Bryan isn't working.

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