Have you ever had a pen pal?

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Question: Have you ever had a pen pal?

When I first started studying English in 1995, I subscribed to a pen pal service announced in a magazine. I remember receiving a long letter from an American who had once read Macunaíma, and I had a tough time explaining to him that things in Brazil were a bit different from what is shown in the book, and that that entire story is kind of folkloric.

The magic about having a pen pal was to write a letter very carefully to someone we had never seen; imagine his life, share experiences about our contries and cultures. Most of times the letter took long weeks to reach the addressee. No instant messaging, no webcams, no Skype. Very… nostalgic :)

Now it’s your turn!
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Sorry for my ignorance, but What is a pen pal?
They responded to this topic:

I never have a pen pal, really.
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I had a few, they were all from Brazil.

It was a great experience at the time, not limited to 140 characters :D , and open-hearted. I remember having a lot of fun and being so proud of all the new words I used to express old and new ideas and feelings, countless words I learned from books, that I would never be able to speak to friends and family, and feelings I'd never be able to speak out to those around me.

I enjoyed it a lot!
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I remember that when I was a child, I loved the magazine Monica's Gang. In the magazine had addresses for change letters with friends. I wanted to write for other children, but never actually did it.
I have never heard about it, but now searching on the internet I found out that there are websites from several countries regarding this matter. I think it's very cool!

But, according to the other posts, this pen-pal-thing, was originally made by letters, not on the internet. I guess this way, by letter, must have been nicer. I wish I had know about it before.
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I have one very small suggestion to improve your post. I would prefer, "I wish I had known (past tense) about it before."

Other wise very nicely done.
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YES! I had two. Theywere from Peru and Turkey and we were learning English. We talked everyday. Then we lost contact. They didn't want to learn English anymore. So I stop to talk with them.
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I used to have some pen pals when I was around 10 years old. But at that time, they were all writing in Portuguese, including one from Luanda/Angola where they also speak Portuguese. This happened because I used to read a lot of "Pato Donald" comic book and there was a kind of wall inside it where you could write to have pen pals. It used to be very nice to change "real" letters.

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taimeno escreveu:Sorry for my ignorance, but What is a pen pal?

is a friend with whom you communicate by letter.