How old are you?

How old are you?
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Alessandro (online) 3 11 91
Question: How old are you?


- I am 29 years old.
- I am 29

Now it's your turn!
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Ravenna 3

I am 17.

I'm 19 year old
I'm 47 years old.

I'm 22.
Flavia.lm 1 10 96
Hi everyone

I'm 27!
murilo91 1 9
I'm 18!!!
I'm 22 years old.
I am fifteen years old.
Hey there, I'm 17.
Hello! I'm 20 years old!

See you!
Hello everyone! I'm 34 years old.
Henry Cunha 3 18 183
Old enough to know better, young enough not to care.
I'm only 14.
Donay Mendonça 22 107 1.6k

I turn 35 in September.I really wish I were ten years younger because I´d be able to do lots of things better than I´ve done,but I´m glad I realized it in time.

I'm fifteen years old too!
Logan18 1
I'm 23 y-o.

That's good idea.
I´m a fifty four old years.
Flavia.lm 1 10 96
Hi Julieta

I suggest a slight change in your answer: I'm fifty-four years old.

Welcome to the forum!
I am 28 years
twenty :>
I´m 35 years old.
I am 31 years old!
I'm 19 years old.
I'm 47 years old.
I'm 35 years old.

With best regards.
I am 52 years old!
Marcio_Farias 1 24 213
Fifty-six here. The older I get, the fresher the notions become. Does this saying make any sense at all!
Everybody is young... I'm 50 years-old!
Flavia.lm 1 10 96
Hi Iracema

Youth is inside each one of us. One of the things I most like about this forum is the opportunity we have to change ideas with people from different ages, different cultures, different ways of living, different methods of studying English, etc etc etc...