I was x I were: Qual a diferença

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Hello guys!

I've studied English since 2012, but only today I read something that sounds me weird.
I was watching a video on YouTube from a native speakers and she said that in the past continuous or past progressive we use "I was..." ok!But what's the difference between "I was" and "I were" and more, when we have to use them?

thanks in advance for your help!
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Douglas2000 240 6
Okay, dude. This might be a question that almost everybody has.
When you want to use "was" or "were" in a sentence normally, it will depend on the pronoun.
Por exemplo, se você quer dizer a seguinte frase: "eu estava fazendo alguns exercícios ontem", então fica assim: "I was doing some exercise yesterday". Note that there is the word "was" because of the Personal Pronoun -> "I", and when you have "I, he, she or it", then you will have to use the verb to be in the past "was". In the meantime, se você quiser dizer a seguinte frase: "eles estavam fazendo alguns exercícios ontem", então ficaria assim: "They were doing some exercise yesterday", porque o "were" é usado no plural, exceto na conditional, que é o que pode causar muitas dúvidas também.


If I were...If he were... If she were...

Neste caso, todas as frases que você quiser falar, dizendo "se eu fosse", ou "se ele fosse", "se ela fosse", você vai ter que usar deste jeito mesmo, sem mudanças.

If I were them, I would have moved here.
If he were them, I think he would have changed it.

That's it. I hope I have helped you.

Marcio_Farias 12580 1 23 212
You use "I were" if you put an "if" before. Like this:

"If I were you, I'd do it."

Does it help?

You can get a lot more info on "I was" and "I were" if you do a search in the forum's search box. Do it now!