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The great thing about the English Experts blog is that its learning is timely and relevant to the mondern learner.
It supplies just in time learning via the forum where readers can ask questions they have about English.

You can have your questions answered when you need to know a particular translation or fact, instead of having to learn only the vocabulary that is in a book. You can learn topics in the order that you need to learn them in order to speak more fluently and communicate what you want to say, instead of learning English in an arbitrary order dictated by a book.

The learning on the blog is socially driven instead of teacher driven (or curriculum driven or text driven).

Many of the blog readers are digital natives, people who grew up with technology.
But the educators in institutions of higher education are often digital immigrants and do not speak the language of techology like natives.

The older generation struggles with technology that comes so naturally to the millenium generation
Look familiar?

Preparamos um plano de estudos para ajudar você a dominar centenas de palavras e expressões do inglês em tempo recorde. EXPERIMENTE AGORA
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Great video Maryziller!

I really think that the school system has to change. It should take the best of the current system (which I believe has its faults, as the video pointed out, but it also has some values) and the best of what technology has to offer (which is, in my way of viewing, social contribution from all people).

Thanks for sharing it. Keep up the good work!
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Thank you, Tiago Tafari Catelam for your interest.

I think that web 2.0 is the way to go with learning. You, as a learner, create your own personal learning network (PLN). Your needs and interests are the driving factor in your studies.
You are in charge of your learning.
You select the tools that best fit to your indiviual learning style.
And you create your own Individual Learning Plan (ILP).

This blog, is really the way to go.