O que é Fluência?

Joarez.GN 3 15
"A river keeps flowing regardless if it encounters some obstacles in front of it, it's not perfect, but even with stones and wood trunks, it never gives up.

Eu fiz essa frase, pra mim, isso é fluência.
Não ser perfeito, mas fluir, conseguir explicar, atingir o objetivo!


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PPAULO 6 48 1.1k
Yes, poetically speaking.
If you can get by in some language and if you have a choice of words in English (you have built up some vocabulary) and you have some conversational skills, I would say you have fluency in that language.
Taking the imagery of the river, if someone is talking to you and you don´t understand a notion or a word you can use other words and ways, so you keepthe communication flowing.
In academical circles, fluency is associated with having the command of the language and its minutes, that goes down to a bit of grammar and other related matters.
Joarez.GN 3 15
That is it buddy, I do agree with this thought!
Thank you for also sharing your point of view!