Prefixo adequado para utilizar com "retire".

Boa tarde! Os prefixos são bastante comuns na língua inglesa, como IMpolite, MISunterstood, UNaware. E com relação à palavra "retire", qual prefixo se aplica no caso abaixo:

A: I´m 70 years old. I quit my main job but I still work part-time. I am ......... (retire).

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Sugiro utilizar "unretired". I am unretired.

Do Google AmE:

''Katt Williams: I’m UNretired!

The Katt Williams drama seems to have no end with TMZ now reporting that the stand-up comic has officially unretired.
That’s right, ya’ll. UNretired.
By now, we all have seen Williams’ emotional interview on a local Seattle television station where he said he’s done with comedy. Well, TMZ says his management told them that, not only is Williams not retiring from stand-up, he will continue on with his comedy tour. “Katt is definitely NOT retiring. He will be moving forward with the tour … Friday is Texas, Saturday New Orleans, and on to Alabama, Williams’ management told TMZ.
His management added, “The reason why he made remarks was due to him feeling totally disrespected by all the things that happen to him in the city of Seattle. He had a moment where he felt very unappreciated. He now just wants to move forward from those unfortunate events and give his fans outstanding shows from this point forward.”


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