Qual é a diferença entre Sound (like) e Seem (like)?

Qual a diferença entre Sound (like), e Seem (like) e sound e seem sem o like? Qual seria a diferença real entre eles? Ou não tem?
That sounds really nice!
Sounds like fun.
She seems like a good girl.
She seems tired.
Existe "seems like fun" como exite "Sounds like fun"? Dando o mesmo sentido?

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Hi, Svetlova!

That's such an interesting question. I've already heard an explanation that the use of "sound" is related only to hearing, and if you wanted to say that something seemed to something else due to its flavour, tact, or appearance, you should use, respectively, the verbs "taste", "feel" and "look".

So, according to that point of view, you are supposed to say "This cake tastes like banana pie", "That jacket feels like velvet", "Those guys look like brothers". However, when you search for, e.g., "sound" in the Cambridge Dictionary, it shows you the following definition: "to seem good, interesting, strange, etc. From what is said or written: 'Your job sounds really interesting.'" (Cambridge Dictionary, 'sound' verb entry).

Thus, I'd say that "seem" is kind of the general lexicon meaning "parecer", "assemelhar-se" with some other specificities presented by different verbs: "sound", related to hearing; "taste", related to flavour; "feel", related to tact, and "look", related to sight.

That sounds really nice! - you've probably listened to someone saying something

Sounds like fun - someone might have suggested sth, that you've found funny

She seems like a good girl - In general, she presents characteristics of what you consider a good girl should have (You could also have/say: "She behaves like a good girl")

She seems tired - you can see it by her features, on her face. (You could also say: "She looks tired")

This is just a general overview.