Quantas sílabas tem a palavra Attractive?

Quantas silabas tem palavra attractive?
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''At‧trac‧tive'' tem três sílabas.

Bons estudos.
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Most English Dictionaries have syllable divisions, that is, you can see the word definition and the word divided by dots (which indicate said division).

http://michaelis.uol.com.br/escolar/ing ... attractive

This one uses (-) hyphens, though.

A rule of thumb is that a word with a sound, like "attractive" in wich there´s just one t-sound (and consonantal) you break one of the consonants.

Some other rules:
http://dictionary2.classic.reference.co ... ision.html

By looking up the words in a dictionary you can´t be wrong, with time you get used to the separation of syllables.

On the English Experts site some word may have it´s parts broken non-grammatically, that´s happen because of the program in wich it uses, so don´t worry about it. At least in the EE site, I mean.