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Hi Friends,

Late last night I stepped out of the house and encountered one of our local outdoor denizens -- a really big raccoon. He (could have been a 'she,' I didn´t ask) had overturned one of our garbage cans and was pulling all the bags out, looking for a meal. The thing is, they have no fear of humans. "He" just stood there, eyeing me, waiting to see if I was going to approach him or not. He wasn't retreating either, and I didn't want to pick a fight with this one in case it was really a "she" and she had young ones nearby. I did some yelling and he eventually went away, and I had to clean up the mess he made. If you want to see these animals at work, just google "raccoon videos."

Actually we have foxes, raccoons, rabbits, squirrels, and an assortment of other "urban dwellers" here in Toronto (and all over the continent), but the raccoon is by far the smartest and most skilled, especially when it comes to opening garbage cans. The City of Toronto provided all households with new containers for garbage, recycling, and organic matter, and they were supposed to be raccoon-proof. Guess what, the score in this game so far is Raccoon 10 x City of Toronto 0. No contest.

Check out those videos so you know who's really in charge around here once the sun goes down.
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To whom it may concern...

Raccoon = guaxinim (!?!?!?!) Ok, I've already heard about it, but I wonder if I've already seen one.... I think that not even in the zoo!! :lol: