Rap como aperfeiçoamento

Howdy, guys !!!
My name is Nina and i would to know if listen rap is it good to aprimorate my english, i use to listen musics in my learning, becouse this so cool for many competencies of this language.
In my opinion, a quite a bit of the rappers use to talk quickly. What do you think ?.
Truly yours, Nina.

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To learn English one needs to sharpen many skills, to be honest with you, I think rap can be an "extra" tool, and more on the entertainment side than English learning. Anyway, if it´s something to get you into English, so be it.
Just don´t think it is a standard and the main practice. See ya again.
Ah, I would consider to exchange "aprimorate" to ''improve/give a boost to..." or some other synonym.
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Hey! vou desenterrar esse tópico ;)

Eu ouço muito música em Inglês. E para falar a verdade, eu ouço muito mais música do que áudios ou podcasts(para ser honesto nunca ouvi um podcast inteiro em inglês..) Enfim, a música é parte muito importante dos meus estudos, aprendo muita coisa estudando as lyrics,e ouço música de todo o tipo: Reggae,Pop,Rock,Rap, etc..Já ouvi gente dizer que não se aprende Inglês com música,o que é verdade. Ninguem vai aprender uma língua só ouvindo músicas, mas elas podem ser grandes aliadas nessa jornada!

Take Care =)
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No doubt, it´s a powerful tool, since it´s all about emotions, to listen to some that we like. And we learn a lot when we work with emotions, don´t we?
I might not expressed myself well, it went in a misleading way...
What I meant is that depending on the kind of rap (or even pop, modern rock, etc) it can be an hidrance to the learning, mainly to the ones that are in the very beggining of their studies. Wether we think of the too slangy ways, wether we think of diction (sometimes) or the machine-gun singing (wich isn´t easy to a begginer).
Other than that, music is a gratifying experience, and it´s even recommended, so why not in learning or practicing? regardless of the genre.
I would just advise that one should try the ones that suits your listening skills first. ;)
By the way, music should be also a good way to hone one´s critical thinking, because there are things in music that go beyond reality, etc.