Significado de "having you do something"

Estou estudando inglês a partir da leitura do romance "Robots Of Dawn", de Isaac Asimov.

Em um trecho da parte 4 do primeiro capítulo, há a seguinte sentença: "Under those circumstances,” she went on, “we could scarcely take the risk of sending you to Aurora, the leading Spacer world, and having you perhaps do something that could create interstellar tension".

Não entendo porque o verbo DO está, aparentemente, no Simple Present (you do) ao invés de estar no Present Participle (you doing). Para mim, a frase seria "and having you perhaps doing something", correspondendo aproximadamente à tradução: "nós mal poderíamos arriscarmos enviá-lo para Aurora, o principal mundo Sideral, com a possibilidade de você fazer algo que pudesse criar uma tensão interestelar".

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"having you do something that could create interstellar tension." = do que pedir a você que talvez faça algo que pudesse causar uma tensão interestelar.

Having here is a causative verb (the likes of "let/make/help.), but then "having someone do something" means that it´s a request somehow, it could be an order, but a request just the same.
Or an order but in a somehow more polite way, like the word "please" that can be an order just the same (think of your father/mother asking you with please, or your boss, fat chances you are not saying no).

Now, if you would state "...and perhaps make you do something that could create interstellar tension". Then it mean more serious business, you were "forced" by me to do it, it wouldn´t be a matter of asking, requesting. You would be "somehow" forced to do it.

See this video and you will see it more clearly. I hope this clarifies your question in a more didactical way.

So, "...and having you perhaps do something that could create interstellar tension". Could be something like "e talvez pedir para você fazer algo que
Pudesse criar uma tensão/inquietude/celeuma interestelar.
" I think, with a certain ring of "e ter pedido pra você fazer algo que pudesse causar uma celeuma interestelar" but then in a kind of "hindsight view" (at the moment of speaking, though).

See ya around!
PPAULO 6 48 1.1k
By way of further explanation (and to exemplify):

Additionally, with each dictation activity, encourage students take charge of making their own corrections. Often this is much more valuable than having you do it for them.

Have peers grade the assignment first. If you have found that student writing contains a great deal of grammar errors, have the first round of edits be flagged by other students rather than having you do the grading.

Notice that with #1 it doesn´t have the same sense as "having you doing the correction for them" (in their place), it´s a more gentle way, you are the one that "asks" you to do the corrections, or you let yourself do them. See?

To #2, before you do the grading you have peers (student´s peers) doing it before. The pre-grading, based on corrections would be some kind of "opinion" before you grade the writing yourself. You get the last word.
Then you are in command, but if you grade them yourself you are "asking" yourself to do it (when you don´t need to), you are letting yourself to do it.
Anyway we wouldn´t ever to express that you "make you do the grading yourself" or "that they make you do it", you have a choice!

Thus, one can see that both ways:
"one/you have someone else having do something" and "one/you have yourself having do something" (free choice as explained above.)