Slipknot - BlackHeart

Musica meio que oculta do slipknot... Cara, nunca vi Corey tão inspirado igual ele estava na composição dessa musica.. lol


All the pieces of the puzzle seem to fall into place
but the only thought that I could think was pissin in that FUCKING FACE
the taste that you left in my mouth was rotten
and you think that all the sh*t you did to me could be FORGETTEN

Well f*ck no
you both got me last time
next time I see your punk ass its mine
from behind dawg I'm gonna crack that skull
then I'm gonna laugh when you fall cause you fucked me raw

Comin home late at night when your sneakin in the door
with a bottle half empty and your tank is on full
you hurt me
and I will never forget
how you HURT ME
and all the pain you caused
left my mind blank and my soul was lost
and now the thoughts are in my head and drifting side to side
you know I'm gonna get cause there is nowhere to hide
headlines will read on the night she died

Trust me
I will get your ass back
if it kills me
for the rest of your life you will feel me
I'm gonna make you remember that you
hurt me
you fuckin hurt me

Hurt me; hurt me; hurt me; hurt me
my head was fucked up; hurt me
when I was locked up: hurt me
made a phone call; hurt me
bitch put a block up; hurt me
on the phone letters to your home
but you never wrote me back
what the fucks up with that
one of these days I'm gonna get you bitch
find your body
in an valley
in the alley
in a ditch
with a 45 chrome to the back of your dome
havin everybody wonderin what the f*ck is goin on
where the f*ck did you go
never be back again
but I still keep thinkin about you now and then

Trust me
I will get your ass back
if it kills me
for the rest of your life you will feel me
gonna make you remember that you
hurt me
you fuckin hurt me

I remember when I first said I love you
got confused from the first time I fucked you
you got nervous when I opened up your legs relax
cause I was raised on x-rated moves and porno mags

All day walk around with a full buzz
never fully understood what our love was
l-25 straight brought the light
same time had to dip outa town for a few nights

Came back and my road dawgs waitin
tellin me some sh*t leavin me contemplaitin


Fuckin my best friend

Unheard of

And I’m gonna get you in the end yeah
one of these days it will be my time
and Im gonna slit your throat make it look suicide
f*ck you, I should've known better than to trust you
f*ck you

Anne, Have you ever listen this music? :D
Avatar do usuário Anne Dietrich 65 1
Yeah, I did, Damon.
And I must confess I already asked myself "Is that Slipknot"?? By the way, some say it is, some say it's not. I heard that maybe it's not Corey, it's the first Slipknot's vocalist, I can't recall his name... you know, also people already told me it's V-mob (who the hells is v-mob?) Whateva, for me, this song is amazing and love the lyrics. We know Corey's voice changed, and their sound too, I don't really give a damn if people say it's not My guys ;) , when you listen to a song, and likes it, nothing else matters! :D
P.S. Will you post "Heretic Anthem?" :twisted: :lol:
See ya!
hello, Anne..

Bem eu já ouvi rumores de que essa musica não era do Slipknot.. Tem alguns site que tbm falam que a musica eh dessa bandinha V-mob mesmo, porém nessa banda, BlackHeart se chama "Hurt me" -.-"(argh andei pesquisando tal banda e naun tem nenhun relato dela na wickpedia, não achei nenhuma biografia/discografia considerável .. :S ) Mas a maioria esmagadora dos sites indicam que a musica eh do Slip.. Bem.. Sempre achei que ela era de autoria do slipknot, como ela não estava contida em nenhum album, eu imaginei: ahh deve ser uma musica oculta, igual as musicas que banda System of a Down tem no anonimato.. Mas as opiniões se dividem a respeito disso..

Em suma, analisando a musica, se parece muito com o estilo slipknot de ser.. a letra, a cantoria.. sempre ficava imaginando o Sid de fundo fazendo aqueles efeitos e tals.. de qualquer forma, ela é muito hilaria.. gosto muito dela , Seja ela BlackHeart, "Hurt me" e afins.. do Slip ou da tal bandinha V-mob^^, whatever. Afinal das contas, esse som funciona como terapia para mim.Todavia, em algum lugar da minha mente, leva-me acreditar que V-mob cometeu "plágio" de composição.. ^^

Yeah! Of course, I'm going post The heretic athen. ; )

See ya
Avatar do usuário Anne Dietrich 65 1
I agree :twisted:
Falando sobre esta musica alguém sabe me dizer o que significa 'dawg'??
sei que faz parte do black english mas não consegui fazer uma tradução adequada para se encaixar na musica.
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Olá Bárbara,

Um link sobre "dawg":


Boa sorte!
obrigado pelo link, mas fui mesma que criei esse topico!!!