By tapping into - Tradução em português

What happened to the carbon that poisoned the atmosphere?
O que aconteceu com o carbono que envenenou a atmosfera?

It's still here, imprisoned in the Earth's crust.
Ele ainda está aqui, aprisionado na crosta da Terra.

Here, there once was a sea, inhabited by micro-organisms.
Aqui uma vez foi um mar, habitado por micro-organismos.

They grew shells by tapping into the atmosphere's carbon

now dissolved in the ocean.
agora dissolvido no oceano.

These strata are the accumulated shells
Esses estratos são as crostas acumuladas

of those billions and billions of micro-organisms.
desses bilhões e bilhões de micro-organismos.

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Thomas 7 60 290
to tap into = explorar, utilizar.
Sometimes Google Translator can't solve our problem.
Thomas 7 60 290
Performing miracles, one at a time.

"To tap into" is a great phrase. You can use it in banking, business in general, electrical work, and lots more. "Grampear" is "to wiretap". Do you see the connection? (No pun intended.)

Prepositions in English are a real headache. If you find me talking to myself some day, I'm not nuts; I'm just trying to hear a phrase to see which preposition should be used. To give up, give out, give in... Now I remember. "I give up!"