Handsomer - Tradução em português

"Now, my dear good child," said the faëry, "here you have a coach and horses, much handsomer than your sisters', to say the least of them; but as we have neither a postilion nor a coachman to take care of them, run quickly to the stable, where the rat-trap is placed, and bring it to me." / Cinderella was full of joy, and did not lose a moment; and soon returned with the trap, in which there were two fine large rats. These, too, were touched with the wand, and immediately the one was changed into a smart postilion, and the other into a jolly-looking coachman in full finery. Her godmother then said, "My dear Cinderella, you must go to the garden again before I can complete your equipage; when you get there, keep to the right side, and close to the wall you will see the watering-pot standing; look behind it, and there you will find six lizards, which you must bring to me immediately." /Cinderella hastened to the garden as she was desired, and found the six lizards, which she put into her apron and brought to the faëry. Another touch of the wonderful wand soon converted them into six spruce footmen in dashing liveries, with powdered hair and pig-tails, three-cornered cocked hats and gold-headed canes, who immediately jumped up behind the carriage as nimbly as if they had been footmen and nothing else all their lives. / The coachman and postilion having likewise taken their places, the faëry said to Cinderella, "Well, my dear girl, is not this as fine an equipage as you could desire to go to the ball with? Tell me, now, are you pleased with it?" /"O yes, dear godmother," replied Cinderella; and then, with a good deal of hesitation, added, "but how can I make my appearance among so many finely-dressed people in these mean-looking clothes?" /"Give yourself no uneasiness about that, my dear; the most laborious part of our task is already accomplished, and it will be hard if I cannot make your dress correspond with your coach and servants." / On saying this, the old woman, assuming her character of Queen of the Faëries, touched Cinderella with the magic wand, and her clothes were instantly changed into a most magnificent ball dress, ornamented with the most costly jewels.

O que quer dizer os termos "handsomer', 'postilion', 'jolly-looking', 'cocked hat', 'gold-headed', 'jump up','nimbly', 'mean-looking', 'finely-dressed´ nesse texto?

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Minha contribuição:

Handsomer: mais bonito, mais chamativo

Jolly-looking: de visual alegre

Mean-looking: com aparência de mau

Boa sorte!
postilion - não sei mas tem a ver com a carruagem ou cavalo
cocked hat - chapeu com as abas recolhidas
gold-headed cane - uma bengala com um cabo de ouro
jumped up behind the carriage - acho que eles montaram no exterior da carruagem
nimbly - ligeiramente
finely-dressed people - pessoas bem vestidas
mean-looking clothes - acho que quer dizer roupa de baixa qualidade