He went with a Democrat - Tradução em português

He added: "I would love to have got Governor Perry to go, too. He would have learned a lot. Troy Fraser, a conservative Republican who was chair of the energy committee, did come on the trip to the UK. He came back very enthused. Sadly, his enthusiasm has decreased since, partly because the issue [of climate change] has become so politicised. He went with a Democrat. We like to pair them up. We were trying to influence people who were important, but not fully engaged on the issues. We have a good reputation for working with Republicans. We're fiercely bipartisan. That's one reason why we were approached by the FCO."

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In this context, "He choose a Democrat."

In other contexts:
"I went with her for two years." = Namorei com ela por dois anos.
"I could go for a cup of coffee." = Gostaria de tomar um cafezinho.