Is all but locked in;Likely to feature - Tradução em português

Republican candidates chase Mitt Romney in South Carolina

If Romney wins in south, his nomination is all but locked in – which is why the rest are throwing everything they've got at him.
Republican presidential frontrunner Mitt Romney predicted his party rivals will throw everything at him to prevent him delivering a knockout blow in next week's South Carolina primary.
Having won the New Hampshire on Tuesday night and the Iowa caucuses the previous week, the first Republican non-incumbent to do the double, he is well placed to effectively wrap up the nomination in South Carolina and face Barack Obama in November.
But his rivals are preparing to devote millions of dollars in ads to issues ranging from his tenure at Bain Capital, branding him a vulture capitalist, and abortion, a vote-losing issue in deeply conservative South Carolina. His Mormonism is also likely to feature, a religion viewed with suspicion among Christian evangelicals.

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Donay Mendonça 22 107 1.6k

- All but locked in: praticamente garantido(a)

- Likely to feature: provável de apresentar
Henry Cunha 3 18 183
My impression...

His Mormonism is also likely to feature,... = O seu mormonismo também provavelmente será exposto (como fator negativo),...