Putting to grim use - Tradução em português

That is of little surprise to leading anti-gun campaigners, including Denver local Tom Mauser, whose 15-year-old son Daniel died in the Columbine shooting. Mauser, who is now a leading voice on stricter controls, said that he believed America was simply in thrall to the gun lobby.
"It is so pervasive in America. This is nothing to do with Colorado. This is to do with America's gun violence, " he told the Guardian.
Much has been made of the size of the arsenal that Holmes collected over the past four months and will be accused of putting to grim use inside the movie screening.

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usar de um jeito muito feio/chato/ruim

usar para um fim feio

She put her rosary to grim use by putting around her attacker's neck and choking him to death.